After a long hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, Whattaroll Magazine is finally back online. This is great news for photography enthusiasts and those who appreciate the beauty and authenticity of film photos. 
Since 2013, we have endeavored Whattaroll as a unique source of inspiration and information for artists and photographers who create based on traditional photography. In each issue, we aim to bring beautiful, emotion-filled photos that inspire us and encourage us to be creative. We also understand the importance of traditional photographic techniques in developing creativity and fostering a unique artistic perspective. 
That is why we are committed to promoting and preserving these techniques through our publication. We are also passionate about showcasing the work of talented artists and photographers who are dedicated to using traditional techniques to create beautiful and expressive images. We believe that by sharing these works with a wider audience, we can inspire others to explore the world of traditional photography and develop their own unique creative voices. 
However, as with many publications and businesses, the pandemic brought us to a standstill. Now that things are going back to normal, our editorial team decided to return to creating new issues, which we’re sure many of our ardent readers and fellow photography enthusiasts will be happy about. We’re just as excited to once again get to know more talented artists who share their visual stories with us. 
We hope you can continue to support us in yet another take to get back on the roll!
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